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Learn for Society Management

This portal is specifically made for office bearer of Co-Operative Societies.

Chairman/ Secretory or Society manager always need to face the hit from his society members, this can be avoided and reduced if they are aware of Modal Bye-Laws. Our main focus is to educate office bearer and society members to reduce the gap. We provide guidence on below subjects,

  • Accounting and Audit
  • Dispute Management.
  • Conveyance Deed / Deemed Conveyance.
  • Redevelopement.
  • Civic Issues.

If we know acts and rules related to society management, we can handle many dispute peacefully.

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Is traning necessory?

Training will provide you detail knowledge about rules and regulations needed for society management. If you run for guidance, when you are in need, there are chances that you may know get proper information. Its always better to be propared for any situation.

Knowledge of Laws

If you have knowledge of laws make you take proper decesions when needed.

Rights of Society Members

You should know what rights society members has, and accordingly you can take action.

Knowledge on process

You should have knowledge of process in case needed.


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Accounting & Audit

This is the focused area for any society, and must have knowledge to keep accouts clear and get A rating in audit.


Conveyance Deed

Conveyance Deed

Every society must have land ownership from builder through conveyance deed or deemed conveyance.


Society Membership

Society Membership

Society office bearer must have knowledge on share transfer to flat owner/ co-owner, their nominees.